Welcome to the historical Replicar website

Welcome to the historical Replicar website

                                                                                                     REPLICARS OF THE PAST 

This website tells the story of classic replica vehicles produced by Alan Hatswell's company from 1980 to 1996, under the trading name "Replicar".

On this website, you will find historical information, references, archive material, and magazine articles of the era, plus a database of photographs and images of Alan's early replica vehicles, spanning 15 years of vehicle production. Also included are many period items of sales and marketing paraphernalia, including brochures, price lists and flyers, all of which are available for download


We hope this website will be interesting and informative to the owners of existing vehicles and products built by Alan Hatswell when he was trading as Replicar, who will hopefully gain an understanding of the history and heritage of Alan's previous vehicles, and appreciate the investment in quality and craftsmanship that went into every one of his replica vehicles at the time, thus ensuring that many are still being driven and enjoyed to this day!

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: To avoid any confusion, it should be pointed out that Alan Hatswell T/A Replicar, and Replicar Imports Ltd, both originally owned and operated by Alan Hatswell from the 1980's (no longer trading), has absolutely no connection whatsoever with Stuart Mills and MEV Replicar who only registered the name Replicar as a trade mark on 31st October 2012.